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Loan Overview

Features and benefits of securities backed lending
from SinoCap.

Exciting New Source of Borrowing

SinoCap Loans against shares enables you to access another source of borrowing. Leveraging your investment portfolios provides an alternative to other lending facilities that you may be considering. SinoCap offers a secured loan for your liquidity needs so you don't have to disrupt your long-term investments.

Wide Range of Eligible Shares and Bonds

SinoCap will individually assess the stocks that you wish to offer as collateral and provide an immediate response to the Loan to Share Value that can be leant.

Competitive Interest Rate

SinoCap charges a competitive interest rate, interest only through the term of the loan.

Easy to Arrange and Administer

Once you sign and return the relevant application forms agreeing to the terms and conditions, the loan will be established. You will maintain direct ownership of the shares in your own account at the regulated custodian.

Who borrows against Securities?

Leading companies and individuals can find themselves requiring a quick influx of cash for financial flexibility and deal with economic situations.

SinoCap Loan against stock holding provides these borrowers with a fixed, highly competitive interest rate subject to term and stock or portfolio analysis without the need to sell the stock. In addition, the loan itself has a high value. Up to 80% of the current quoted stock price. More importantly, these loans against stocks are interest only loans until the loan matures, and in addition, the loan can be extended with no change in terms. This makes a loan against stock an extremely effective method of generating revenue. Especially in today's unsettled markets, a loan of this type may be the most effective use for a borrower's stock assets.

Loan Details

The funds may be sent to your checking account within 24 hours. The current market conditions will determine the value of your portfolio. Margin and securities loans usually allow you borrow up to 80 percent of your portfolio value. Interest rates for loans based on your stock's value may be as low as three percent, but may be much higher, subject to prevailing local market rates.

A Typical Loan - Fixed advance

• The amount of the advance, the interest rate and duration are set at the time of credit approval
• The interest rate for the credit can remain fixed for the entire loan duration
• A single repayment is made at the end of the loan period

Non- recourse

An important characteristic of SinoCap's loans is the fact that these are non-recourse loans. This effectively allows for default without further penalty or action. This is a unique feature of this type of securities lending, and does not impact the borrowers credit rating.

Because the loan is fully collateralized by the borrower's stock, this type of non-recourse stock loan can be offered with a minimum of personal paperwork.

SinoCap requires neither proof of employment nor income, and in fact this form of stock lending requires no credit check. Finally, loans can be approved and closed within a very short period of time, typically from 3 to 7 days, allowing the borrower to quickly access the needed funds.


Non- title transfer Stock Loans on :Frankfurt Stock Exchange [FWB]
Non- title transfer Stock Loans on :Hong Kong Stock Exchange [HKEX]
Non- title transfer Stock Loans on :Indonesia Stock Exchange [IDX]
Non- title transfer Stock Loans on :London Stock Exchange [LSE]
Non- title transfer Stock Loans on :Mexican Stock Exchange [BMV]
Non- title transfer Stock Loans on :Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange [MICEX]
Non- title transfer Stock Loans on :New Zealand Exchange Limited [NZX]
Non- title transfer Stock Loans on :Shanghai Stock Exchange [SSE]
Non- title transfer Stock Loans on :Shenzhen Stock Exchange [SZSE]
Non- title transfer Stock Loans on :Singapore Exchange [SGX]
Non- title transfer Stock Loans on :Stock Exchange of Thailand [SET]
Non- title transfer Stock Loans on :Taiwan Stock Exchange [TSEC]
Non- title transfer Stock Loans on :Tel Aviv Stock Exchange [TASE]
Non- title transfer Stock Loans on :Tokyo Stock Exchange [TSE]
Non- title transfer Stock Loans on :Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX]

Non-Recourse Loans

Non-recourse loans allow you to get your money with no documentation beyond the paperwork necessary to process your loan. You can use the proceeds from the loan for any purpose you want. There is no credit check, no income verification or no employment verification needed to obtain the loan. The securities in your portfolio are the only collateral for your loan. If you default and walk away from your loan for any reason, the only recourse the lender has to recoup the debt is to take possession of the securities pledged as collateral. No additional legal recourse will occur.

Margin Loans

If you are someone who is able to accept some risk, a margin loan may be a good way to use the value in your portfolio to pay off a mortgage, or go someplace you have always wanted to visit or invest in an exciting new opportunity. Since the risk in margin loans is related to the fluctuation of markets, your broker will send you a margin call when the value in your portfolio drops below the minimum amount required by law to secure your loan. If the value of your stock increases, the net gain can be used to pay the interest on your loan.


As an alternative to traditional lending programs, SinoCap Loan allows investors to borrow against eligible securities for...


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